Trying not to come last

This is my new site about my attempts to get fitter, run the London Marathon, and not fall off my road bike.

Shortly after starting this blog, I fell on my right hand and completely shattered my elbow. So I’m writing a lot about recovering from injury, while trying to stay fit, and have had to defer my London marathon until 2014.

About me

I’m 38 years old, a web developer, ex-dancer, mother of a teenager, and a fitness nerd. I took up running almost four years ago, having never run before, and so far have run several half marathons. This year I have a place in the The London Marathon, so I’m enjoying taking my distance up to the full marathon.

I really like the idea of doing triathlon despite being a terrible cyclist and a worse swimmer. However, it is all about the challenge! I thought I’d tackle the cycling first. I’m considering adding some sort of widget to the sidebar of this site to tally up the number of times I fall off my bike.

About this site

This site is running on Perch – the really little content management system developed by my company. The design is pretty much the default Quill Feather, with a few tweaks and a photo of my running and cycling shoes.

Latest blog post

I ran The London Marathon 2014

A lengthy write-up of my London Marathon experience. I did it, and it was every bit as amazing and painful as I had imagined.

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