Trying not to come last

About me

I’m 39 years old, a web developer, ex-dancer, mother of a teenager, and a fitness nerd. I took up running about five years ago, having never run before, and so far have run several half marathons and The London Marathon.

I started the blog here to chronicle my journey to the London Marathon in 2013, a plan that was delayed to 2014 due to falling and shattering my right elbow during training. Over 20 months on and I’m still trying to figure out what I can do with one wonky arm while trying not to get too annoyed about it.

About this site

This site is running on Perch – the really little content management system developed by my company. The design is pretty much the default Quill Feather, with a few tweaks and a photo of my running and cycling shoes.

Latest blog post

I ran The London Marathon 2014

A lengthy write-up of my London Marathon experience. I did it, and it was every bit as amazing and painful as I had imagined.

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